05 April, 2012


Good Haircuts for Fine Hair and an Oblong Face

ask yourself if your current cut is flattering your face? If you have an oblong face shape, it can be hard enough to find face-flattering hairstyles. On top of that, fine hair poses yet another challenge. But no matter what length you desire -- short, medium or long -- you can find a hairstyle that will make the most of what you’ve got…and then some.

Short Hairstyles

Pick a short hairstyle such as a graduated bob haircut that adds a bit of width to your elongated face and bulks up your fine hair texture. Ask your stylist to cut a rounded, graduated or A-line bob with light layering on the sides and around the face. Be sure to avoid any short cuts that add height or texture on top since this can just elongate your face further.

Mid-Length Hairstyles

Pick a chin-length style that is rounded or one that has layers that you can flip outward if you want a medium-length hairstyle. Texture throughout your tresses will help to make your hair appear thicker, and a style like the graduated or A-line bob will create width and a more balanced face shape for you. Steer away from super straight mid-length styles that lack body or texture since this won’t flatter; instead it will fall flat

Long Hairstyles

Don’t shy away from long hair if you have an oblong face and fine hair. Instead, flatter your face with width-building body such as waves or curls. Have your stylist snip a few layers here and there and especially around your face. Stay away from straight long locks that will just bring you down, down, down and make your hair appear thin and stringy.


Bangs – they are the easiest way to switch up your style without sacrificing length. Both side-swept and straight-across bangs work to visually shorten your long face, making it appear rounder. Keep bangs limited to short and mid-length 'dos since cutting bangs can reduce the volume of hair, creating thinner looking hair in longer lengths.

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